Archaeo-Chat: I Believe in Vikings with Horned Helmets!

Welcome to Archaeo-Chat. In this series we record unscripted conversations about archaeology, what it is like to be an archaeologist and related topics.

Today, I challenge Howard Williams aka Archaeodeath to change my mind about the phenomenon of Vikings with horned helmets…

I Believe in Horned Helmets:

The Archaeology of Norsemen:

Bad-Guy Helmets in Vikings Seasons 4 and 5: https://howardwilliamsblog.wordpress….

Boars are all: Helmets in The Last Kingdom Season 3: https://howardwilliamsblog.wordpress….

Horned Helmets and Ladybird: https://howardwilliamsblog.wordpress….

Archaeosoup Patreon:

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