AS: Earliest Stone Tools Ever Unearthed?

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In today’s top three headlines we examine the oldest stone hand axes ever found, mysterious Roman graffiti and locals saving ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu:

1) Oldest stone hand axes unearthed:

2) What does first century Roman graffiti say?

3) Mali: Timbuktu Locals Saved Some of City’s Ancient Manuscripts from Islamists:

Sicilian Mummies bring centuries to life:

Roman-era glass workshops found in Pozzuoli:

Timbuktu’s treasure trove of African history:

War a money-spinner for rank-and-file soldiers in late middle ages:

Erosion damaging Scots archaeological sites:

Why are archaeology dept projects left incomplete?

Video: Fendi fashion house to pay for Trevi fountain renovation:

Leicester’s Abbey Mills building to be renovated:

A feud between Biblical Archaeologists goes to court:

Man fined after disturbing archaeological site:–188770721.html?utm_medium=referral&

Hunley legend altered by new discovery:






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