AS: Earliest Chocolate in North America!

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In today’s top three headlines we examine a find of early chocolate, the coming of the modern mind and the state of scientific literacy in the US and beyond:

1) Earliest evidence of chocolate in North America:

2) Ice Age Art: Arrival of the modern mind:

3) Neanderthal cloning chatter highlights scientific illiteracy:

New Study sheds light on the origin of the European Jewish population:

Historic Twywell cottages to be rebuilt following a bulldozing error:

Why archaeology needs Game Developers and other Nerds:

Shakespeare and Martin Luther King demonstrate potential of DNA storage:

A French-Peruvian-Spanish team discovers a chamber in Machu Picchu:

Greenland ice cores provide vision of the future:



archaeology news chocolate Utah site 13 Ice Age art modern mind British Museum Neanderthal clone George Church Harvard European origins Jewish Twywell Cottages bulldozer game developers nerds needs Shakespeare Martin Luther King DNA encoded storage computing future Machu Picchu Greenland ice cores

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