Raiders of Temple Park: A BMX Archaeology Story

This film charts the past 5 years working with Tyneside Outdoors in Temple Memorial Park, South Shields.

In 2015, Archaeosoup was invited to the park to share an adventure in landscape archaeology, social history; and the story of a sport which began as a pedal-powered emulation of Motocross and in 2008, became an Olympic event!

In 1983, Bicycle Motocross (BMX) inspired the young people and parents of South Shields to petition the local council for a BMX track of their own. An exciting trend was sweeping the nation which saw a new type of earthwork appearing in towns and cities across the country, adding a new chapter to the story of our urban environment.

This is the story of the Raiders or Temple Park!

Links: Temple Park Survey Data Map:

Tyneside Outdoors:

The National Lottery Heritage Fund:

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