Soup News: June 2015

Welcome to Soup News. Once a month we bring you a selection of news stories with comment and discussion from the folks at Archaeosoup Towers along with links to a selection of news from the rest of the month.

0:59: Liv:

Ancient urn hints at global trade network:

Archaeologists find 1,000-year-old pitcher in Jutland:

06:35: Mr Soup:

Islamic State militants plant mines and bombs in Palmyra: monitoring group:

Isis destroys Palmyra shrines in Syria :

Isis Palmyra: Islamic State blows up ancient Muslim shrines as Syrian army advances:

12:00 Aaron:

Museum jug smash: Search for boy after repairs:

Inka Road still a monumental achievement after 500 years:

Hill fort said to be where King Arthur’s Guinevere was born has lasted 3,000 years: now it’s under siege :

Relics from 1800s found at brewery site:

Archaeologists find Bronze Age food at prehistoric settlement “comparable to the Mary Rose”:

Scan of mummified body of Swedish bishop reveals baby hidden in coffin :

Footprints uncovered off B.C. coast could be oldest in North America :

Heritage Tasmania expert David Scott resigns blaming political interference:

UK schoolboys fined and released after theft of Auschwitz artefacts :

Heritage review could stop historic buildings being toppled on economic grounds:

DNA Confirms Kennewick Man’s Genetic Ties To Native Americans:

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