Soup News: September 2015

Welcome to Soup News. Once a month we bring you a selection of news stories with comment and discussion from the folks at Archaeosoup Towers along with links to a selection of news from the rest of the month.

1:03 Liv:

5:00 Mr Soup:

3-D printing revives Bronze Age music:

3D printing revives bronze-age music:

10:06 Rhys:



Hair-raising moment archaeologists open a 1,000-year-old coffin:

Archaeologists uncover Bronze Age ‘sauna house’ in Orkney:

Fit for a God? Ancient Booty Discovered in Transylvania:

Builders in Omsk stumble across Bronze Age burial site:

Mesolithic site on Skye to be investigated:

Archaeologists Discover Large Early Hellenistic Building in Ancient Thracian, Greek, Roman City Heraclea Sintica near Bulgaria’s Petrich:

Here Are the Ancient Sites ISIS Has Damaged and Destroyed:

Cocoa, Caffeinated ‘Black Drink’ Were Widespread in Pre-Contact Southwest, Study Finds:

Excavation of Rome home shows city bigger than thought:

Cornish beauty spot ‘possible mass grave’ site:

Skeletons unearthed at Sicily’s Valley of Temples:

Archaeologists in the Hanged Man Cave:,406455,archaeologists-in-the-hanged-man-cave.html

200-Year-Old Shipwreck Survivors’ Camp Found on Alaska Island:

America’s Largest Earthwork, Cahokia’s Monks Mound, May Have Been Built in Only 20 Years, Study Says:

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