Visiting Chillingham Castle! (Chillingham Castle Pt.2)

After we saw the ancient wild cattle of Chillingham, we went to see Chillingham Castle.

This castle is one of the most interesting and unique experiences I have ever had in a castle or ‘country house’ which is open to the public.

Castle? Store rooms? Haunted house? Psychological insight or tongue-in-cheek joke? Chillingham Castle was an experience which I’ll be thinking about for a good while!

Note: Sadly, my small ‘run n gun’ camcorder is slowly dying. After several years of use it’s not long for this world, so some of this footage is out of focus… Apologies.

Wonderland by x50 @x50music Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs

Dawning by Chaël @chael_music Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs

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