AS: Vikings on Uist!

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Today, my top three headlines from an insight into Viking life to Lawrence the Cathedral licker via Mexico:

1) Bornais finds shed light on Iron Age and Viking life:

2) Google extended Street View, starts mapping Ancient Mexican Ruins:…

3) Top five tastiest Cathedrals: confessions of a Cathedral licker:

Children try their hand at archaeology at South Jersey Museum of American History:…

Working with the Pendle Witches:

Amazing Tattoos covered ancient Siberian princess:…

Archaeologists dig for a colonial-era black school:,0,…

Dedicating a lifetime to ancient site of Aslantepe:…

Minister Günay has one more surprise of artefact:…

Fresh paint for record-breaking steam locomotive:

One year after wildfire, Archaeologists unearth Indian Artifacts:






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