AG: Viking Bread

Welcome to Archaeology Gastronomy. Here, with the help of ’41 Feasts’, we seek out Ancient Recipes, attempt to cook them and share the results with the world!

Today we try our hand at making Viking style bread.


The recipe is based on an analysis of Viking Age bread,
found in Birka, Sweden.

About 150 g barley flour
About 50 g wholemeal flour
2 tsp crushed flax seeds
About 100 ml water
2 tsp lard or butter
A pinch of salt

Work all the ingredients together
into a dough and knead.

Let the dough rest cold for at least
one hour, preferably longer. If left for longer, natural yeast in the atmosphere will start to work on the dough and add to the proving process.

Shape the dough into flat cakes.

Bake them in a dry cast iron pan on the stove over
medium heat, a few minutes on each
side, or in the oven at 170 degrees, for
10–12 minutes.

Best eaten while warm.


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