Archaeosoup’s 2013 Round Up!

Yes, it’s that time of year… Thank you for your support, see you in 2014!

January: Roman Shoe Chic:

February: Richard III

University of Leicester site:

Current Archaeology: Is this the skull of Richard III?…

Audio: Richard III: It looks like him:

Image of remains released by Leicester University:

The announcement as it was made:

March: Neanderthal birthplace kills archaeology funding:

April: Video: Study backs ‘Hobbit’ island dwarfism theory:

May: Mary Rose Museum opens in Portsmouth at a cost of £35m:

June: RIP Mick Aston:

July: 200 year old railway discovered along banks of River Tyne:

August: Scientists discover earliest human presence in Bolivian Amazon:

September: Iron Age Horse found as Norway glacier melts:

October: 3D scanning identifies Nero’s head?:

November: US prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation of the National Geographic Society:

December: Qin Armour unearthed at terracotta Site:

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