Archaeosoup’s Round Up of 2012!

Yes, it’s that time of year… Thank you for your support, see you in 2013!

12) 17th Jan: Captain Scott 100th Anniversary:

11) 22nd Feb: 30,000 year old Fruit:

10) March 21st: New Version of MRI:,0,748365.story

9) 2nd May: Dirty Pages, Medieval Mind:

8) 6th June: The “Wooden O” has been found! :

7) July 26th: Shedding Light on a Solar Boat:

6) July 31st: Brewing Stone Age Beer:

5) August 8th: First Matches Found? :

4) October 19th: MoD Award for Nightingale Project:

3) October 23rd: ‘Archaeology Cat’ finds catacombs in Rome:

2) Nov 2nd: A Hard Hobbit to Break:

1) Dec 7th: Palaeolithic Artists were better:

Finally – Constructing a modern castle:






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