AS: A Hard Hobbit to Break!

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Today, my top three headlines take us to New Zealand to hear about a problem with using the word ‘Hobbit’ and the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Historic environment:

1) Tolkien estate, film unit bans use of word ‘hobbit’:

2) Skeleton found when historic Conn. tree uprooted:

3) Video: Shipwrecks weather Sandy:…

Leaving our mark: What will be left of our cities? :

Truro experts uncover ‘6000-year-old’ causeway:

Video: WWII carrier pigeon message discovered in Surrey chimney:

Sharjah Bank Street partially closed for excavation:…

Video: Europe’s oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria:

Tsunamis in the Alps? A killer wave slammed medieval Geneva! :…

Saxon find in Lyminge has historians partying like it’s 599:…

The search for Canada’s Vikings:

What about Indy? The Disney/Lucasfilm deal and the future of ‘Indiana Jones’:

Neanderthals smart enough to copy humans:

Buried with a stake through a heart: the medieval ‘vampire’ burial:…



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