AS: British Museum Denies Parthenon Talks

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Today, Mrs Soup and I are enjoying the bank holiday but my top three takes us from the Parthenon to Neolithic skull smashers:

1) Museum denies plans of returning Parthenon fragments:…

2) Archaeologists Set to Find Largest Coin Treasure in Bulgaria:

3) Stone Age skull-smashers spark a cultural mystery:…

Mysterious tablet’s secrets revealed:…

Hundreds view ‘restored’ Christ painting:…

Plovdiv wants to expand Roman Forum dig after several finds:…

China Exclusive: 2,000-year-old tombs bear secrets of ancient Tibetan kingdom:

Archaeologists Complete Survey of Charleston Harbor Civil War Naval Battlefield:

Runnymede council seeks views on Magna Carta celebrations:

Ancient poem deifies wife of brutal Roman emperor Nero:…

Dublin’s Viking warrior burials:







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