AS: May-an be Another Use for Chocolate?

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Today, the top three headlines are all luxurious… from Mayan chocolate to a Turkish archaeology hotel.


1) 2,500-year-old chocolate may have been used by Mayas as condiment, not just beverage:…

2) Ancient ‘luxury villa’ found at Kourion:

3) A hotel? An archaeology site? Or both?:…

Ancient records shed light on Italian earthquakes (Aquila area):

Video: Pictures of the Olympics through time

Kapoor’s Footprints: 230 Objects from Alleged Antiquities Trafficker Traced to Museums Around the Globe:…

SIB will fight to protect 4,000-year-old burial site:…


History out of shifting sands: St. Augustine’s Lighthouse Archaeological program:


Tiny seeds at Israeli archaeological dig could sprout a biblical treasure:


First archaeological dig ‘scratches the surface’ of Fort Astoria’s history:


New Archaeological Evidence Found in Cuban Museum:











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