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In today’s top three headlines we hear of show-off Roman children, Medieval graffiti and artefacts seized by Spanish police:

1) Roman kids showed off status with shoes:

2) Medieval graffiti sheds light on Norfolk churches:

3) Spanish Police seize ancient plundered vase from an antique shop:

Two arrested in Fayoum for possession of artifacts:

Roman theatre discovered in Kent:

Roman theatre discovered in Kent

Famed Roman shipwreck could be two:

Baby bones found scattered in ancient Italian village:

Ancient gold coins discovered in Iraq:

Who deforested Central Africa: Man or Climate?

Who deforested Central Africa: Man or climate?

Keeping our digital culture heritage alive:

Identifying Survivors of the Great Irish famine:

Identifying Survivors of the Great Irish Famine

Prehistoric tombs found in Vietnam cave:

Athenian ‘Snake Goddess’ gets new identity:

Saxon brooch found at new Northampton Castle Station site:

Archaeologists discover Augustan-era sculptures near Rome:

‘Exceptional’ find of Roman statues linked to poet Ovid:






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