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Today is an Archaeoscoop special examining the news that, after months of speculation, there’re no Spitfires in Burma:

No Spitfires in Burma:



Times: ‘Farce’ :

WW2 Lard washes up on beach at Angus nature reserve:

New Online Israel Archaeology Archive:

Correction: Egypt-encroaching on Antiquities story:…

Archaeologists in West Bromwich find grave robbing evidence:

Healing Crystals from Panama’s First Shaman:

Richard III due a re-appraisal, says man linked to skeleton under car park:…

Roman man’s face finally revealed at Caerleon museum:

Letter Boxes: The red heart of the British Streetscape:

Surrey withdraws £5million offer to Runnymede Magna Carta plan:

Richard III hunters ready to hunt for buried Spitfires in Birmingham:…

Mendip Hills team gets conservation cash boost:






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