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Today, my top three headlines expand on the Ardnamurchan Viking burial, celebrate 150 years of the Tube network in London and reveal a shocking possibility! :

1) Video: Viking chieftain’s burial ship excavated in Scotland after 1,000 years:

2) Video: London Underground celebrations to mark 150 years:

3) Nazi Buddha from space might be fake! :

Nazi buddha from space might be fake

Artefact of Chimu culture found in Machu Pichu:

Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequences of Ancient New Zealanders:

Rare findings dating back to the 6th millennium B. C. have been dug out in Masis hill:

Historic shipwreck discovered at the Channel Islands:

Was Grandmothering a Key to Human Evolution? :

İzmir presents mosaic city of western region:

Ancient skeleton could shed new light on the history of the Vikings in Wales:

Game hunter Richard Cuninghame archive bags £45,000:


China building first vessel for underwater archaeology:

Bali’s ‘largest’ ancient Hindu temple discovered:






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