AS: Why Nine Months?

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Today, my top three headlines examine human gestation, Otzi the ice man and his region and a protest unfolding in Mexico:

1) Long-held Theory on Human Bipedalism and Gestation Challenged:…

2) Video: ‘Wet mummy’ draws crowds to South Tyrol:

3) Controversy in Mexico over changes to and use of Mayan palaces, Aztec pyramids:…

Work reveals Hasankeyf’s history:…

Prehistoric rock art found in caves on Terceira Island — Azores:…

Roman Gask Project archaeologists look to uncover Stracathro site’s secrets:…

St Kilda heritage management plan set out:

One Class, One Day: Archaeology of Boston:

Archaeologists discover a sculpture representing a jaguar estimated to be 2,000 years old:

Rotherham man illegally dug up history:…


Roman milk pot found near Swindon to go on display:






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