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Archaeosoup Productions is now offering workshops and resources in Australia.


  • Introduction to Archaeology:

936511_501623543250631_1425416378_nAn introduction to Archaeology, from Field Walking through to Excavation, we examine how Archaeologists unearth the past.

We start with the discovery of a site through examining maps, field walking, aeroplane surveys and noticing crop marks.

Then we explore everything from Ground Penetrating Radar to the use of trowels to understand the processes and techniques which Archaeologists use to find, investigate and excavate an Archaeological site!


  • advertadHistory & Archaeology Tutoring:

Dive into the past and improve your grades with a qualified archaeologist as your history tutor.

We cover VCE History (Revolutions) and years 4 – 10 History, Societal and Environment studies.

We offer advice on approaching a potential University and how to properly reference your research.

This is a great chance to gain the perspective of an archaeologist on our shared history!


  • ‘Every Day Archaeology’ Trails:

Geelong (5)First we dive into the history in the immediate vicinity of your building. By researching old maps, photographs and other archival records, together we’ll start to learn about your surroundings. This can either be done with guidance from Archaeosoup as part of a class project or a research pack can be put together by Archaeosoup in the run up to exploring the area as a group.

You’ll be amazed at how much there is to learn on your doorstep!

rusty-tractorNext – we will come up with a route to walk and try to see what evidence we can find of the discoveries we made from the archives. Are there cobbles on the roads? Is that an old advert painted on the wall? Are the street names the same? These are clues which we will keep a sharp eye out for!

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Coming Soon:


  • Early Colonial History in Australia

  • C20th Archaeology in Australia

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