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A video about conservation for the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan.

Archaeosoup Productions has it’s roots in the realm of digital media production.

The roots of the company lie firmly in Archaeosoup’s YouTube Channel where we continue to regularly publish videos about Archaeology, Heritage and related topics.

Film and visual media are near unique in their ability to communicate complicated ideas effectively and charismatically.

In a matter of minutes it is possible to visually explore a monument/ site/ artefacts, listening to an expert overview of what is on-screen and come away feeling as though you have learned something new.

An excellent example – Video about Stone Tools filmed with Newcastle University:

Here is a long form piece produced for the Tinsley Time and Travel Project (2019)

Video can also let people know about the exciting projects you have planned:

Public Outreach via on-site video connectivity!

Scan this code to follow the link!
Scan this code to follow the link!

Do you want to share the good work you do with the public? Archaeosoup Productions can produce a bespoke QR Code for your project. Such codes can be displayed and scanned by any smart phone providing a direct link to a video explaining what your Unit, Museum or Institution is doing!

This is a great way to advertise the work of your Unit, to answer FAQs surrounding excavations in urban locations and to share the exciting finds you have made.

QR Codes can also be employed in exhibitions augmenting the exhibition space and adding to the visitor experience, providing more information which can be viewed anywhere!

Archaeosoup Productions can work for you!

IMG_3003*Would you like a short film for your website or exhibition?

*Do you want to produce DVDs to complement the experience of your customers?

*Or would you simply like to be featured on Archaeosoup and broadcast to an ever growing audience?

Contact Us today to find out more about Archaeosoup’s Digital Media Production.

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