Why Archaeosoup?


1.Archaeosoup Productions offers an excellent range of talks and activities exploring the world of Archaeology and British History.

Through a combination of period costume, fascinating artefacts and enthralling talks we encourage people to:


  • Look for what connects us to the past and observe how we have changed over time.

  • Ask questions in a fun, engaging and stimulating environment.

  • Understand how Archaeologists and Historians reconstruct the past…

And, in this way, gain a deeper appreciation for the History which is all around us!


2.We are Archaeologists (and proud)!


Crucially, we are trained Archaeologists. Our interests are not limited to one period of human history or one aspect of the past. Our information is well researched, up-to-date and evidence based.

We won’t just talk about BATTLE but also about day-to-day life in the past, real people  and how they relate to all of us today.


3.We aim to inspire and surprise!


For example:stone tools

“Did you know that for 96% of human history we relied on stone tools technology during the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras?”


“Did you know that 600 years ago, the Totonac People of Mexico prized vanilla as a form of currency, more valuable than gold?”


Annoyed_Girl_Brushing_Teeth“Did you know that for many hundreds of years urine was a major ingredient in toothpaste?”


Information about the past enriches our lives, gives perspective on the present and challenges us to consider where we are going!



4. Archaeosoup has received excellent feedback:


“Marc produced two excellent sessions for our Geordie at War Project. Both sessions were well prepared and the students learned a lot about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons and their local history. The students were enthusiastic and the majority (92%) said they had enjoyed the sessions.”

David, Development Tutor, LookwideUK. (15th February, 2012)

Click here for more testimonials.


Check out our ever-expanding range of exciting, humorous and fact-packed workshops!


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