‘Every Day Archaeology’ Trails



Get outside and see the ‘every day archaeology’ on your doorstep:


  • Research Your Area:

deskbased assessmentFirst we dive into the history in the immediate vicinity of your building. By researching old maps, photographs and other archival records, together we’ll start to learn about your surroundings. This can either be done with guidance from Archaeosoup as part of a class project or a research pack can be put together by Archaeosoup in the run up to exploring the area as a group.

You’ll be amazed at how much there is to learn on your doorstep!


  • Plan Your Route & Get Outside:detective

Together we will come up with a route to walk and try to see what evidence we can find of the discoveries we made from the archives. Are there cobbles on the roads? Is that an old advert painted on the wall? Are the street names the same? These are clues which we will keep a sharp eye out for!


  • Record the Evidence:

Once we have located evidence of the past, it’s now up to us to try and record it. Archaeosoup will guide you through the process of photographing, measuring and logging the evidence we have located.

Every Day Archaeology


  • Share it with the World!

High StreetThe data we gather can be used in class projects, schools displays and even submitted as records for the local Historical Environment Records office.

The HER (sometimes referred to as Sites and Monuments Records) may be held by County Councils, District Councils or other Authorities and are a brilliant reference for archaeologists, historians and the general public. You and your group can be named as the people who recorded a piece of history for the future.


This could be your chance to make a discovery and share it with the world!


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