1)      Is Archaeosoup primarily for children?


Absolutely not! We are accustomed to talking about Archaeology with people of all ages. Archaeosoup Productions aims to make Archaeology and Heritage accessible and interesting no matter how old you are! Our workshops are extremely flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements.


2)      Is there any preparation required for an Archaeosoup workshop?


You do not have to know anything about Archaeology to get the most out of Archaeosoup Productions. In fact, we are most excited when we can introduce you to the world of Archaeology! However, we can make resource packs available for you to explore prior to and following an Archaeosoup workshop.


3)      Why is Archaeology important?


Archaeology is the study of Humanity’s past via the artefacts which we have left behind. Archaeologists reconstruct ancient cultures and environments to better understand our histories. In this way, Archaeology is important because it explores how and why we are, who we are!


4)      Does Archaeosoup do evening workshops/ events?


Yes! Archaeosoup is always happy to attend evening events. We can deliver a workshop or simply be available for casual ‘show and tell’ questions as your group mingles. Please contact us for more details about evening events.


5)      Can Archaeosoup fit in with the work I am doing with my class/ group?


We are always happy to complement the work which you have been doing with your group. Whether you are a teacher with a timetable of work planned for the year or a group who wants to expand upon a recent trip to a Museum or Historical Site, let us know and we can work with you!

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