FREE Archaeology Mouse Cursors

Mouse Cursors

A huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone who watches, comments, shares and gets involved in the ‘Soup!

Change your standard ‘arrow’ cursor to a range of archaeologically themed icons!


These cursors include/ recommended use:

Stone tool arrowhead cursor – ‘Normal Select’
Trowel cursor (for digging into links ;p) – ‘Link Select’
Stone tool with question mark – ‘Help Select’
Stone tool with spinning bone – ‘Working in Background’
Spinning Bone – ‘Busy’
Red and White Ranging Rod – ‘Text Select’

All cursors have a simple but pleasing shadow effect and crucially an accurate ‘click point’ for precision work.

The specific steps to install the files will be subtly different, depending upon your computer and operating system.

We suggested that you find instructions by Google-ing “install new cursor on (insert operating system here)”.

Enjoy! – Mr Soup


Original stone tool image courtesy of Buxton Museum & Art Gallery CC BY-NC