GB: Spitfires in Burma – Andy Brockman Debrief!

Our resident Archaeological legend is fresh, (well not so much fresh as gin soaked) from his explorations in the grounds of Archaeosoup Towers!

Today, ‘Gin’ conducts the long-awaited debrief interview with Andy Brockman of the ‘spitfires in Burma’ expedition!

“The Lost Spitfires of Burma- Anatomy of a Legend”

Wednesday 19 June 2013 at 19.30

Venue: Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon


Tracy Spaight [Wargames Director of Special Projects]
Andy Brockman MA [Lead Archaeologist Burma Spitfires Project]

Dr Adam Booth [Geophysicist Burma Spitfires Project]

Martin Brown FSA MIFA [Principal Field Archaeologist Burma Spitfires Project]

Dr Roger Clark [Geophysicist Burma Spitfires Project]

Andy Merritt [Geophysicist Burma Spitfires Project]

Rod Scott BA [hons] [Field Archaeologist/Military Finds Specialist Burma Spitfires Project]

To register an interest in attending the Burma Spitfires Presentation at the RAF Museum Hendon on 19 June 2013 e-mail your name and a request for a ticket[s] to:






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