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At Archaeosoup, we’re always looking to expand our team.

If you want to get involved, read on!

At its heart Archaeosoup is a collaborative, creative endeavour. We rely on your feedback, questions and enthusiasm to drive us forwards to provide better ‘Soup than ever!

But more than this, we are always looking to expand our team! The more people who contribute  to ‘Soup, the better the experience for everyone: more content, different voices, varied specialisms and fresh perspectives – contrary to the proverb, more cooks most certainly *do not* spoil the soup!


Joining the Team:

Over the years we have worked hard to develop Archaeosoup as a recognisable and reliable name in public archaeology, film making and education. Though we do not yet have the resources to employ people at the ‘Towers, it has always been important to Mr Soup that people can make use of the platform which Archaeosoup provides to grow as archaeologists and individuals.

Every member of the Archaeosoup Team has the chance to produce video content, bring their favourite archaeology to the fore and develop paid educational workshops in their region. We operate as an association of independent, franchised, educators – sharing knowledge, training and resources so that we might all benefit from the collaborative recipe that makes Archaeosoup so good.


If you want to get get involved, have any questions or just want to chat, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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