What is Archaeology?


Talks and Activities can be modified to suit your needs,

but include: 

  • What is Archaeology? 

936511_501623543250631_1425416378_nAn introduction to Archaeology, from Field Walking through to Excavation, we examine how Archaeologists unearth the past.

We start with the discovery of a site through examining maps, field walking, aeroplane surveys and noticing crop marks. Then we explore everything from Ground Penetrating Radar to the use of trowels to understand the processes and techniques which Archaeologists use to find, investigate and excavate an Archaeological site!

  • Reconstructing the Past:

We examine the techniques and observations Archaeologists use to reconstruct the past.

What does this mean? This is the question which every Archaeologist faces after an excavation! Together we will explore the ways Archaeologists use a myriad  of evidence to reconstruct how people lived in the past!

  • Object handling:

A chance to handle and analyse real artefacts from History, Ancient History and Prehistory!

Archaeosoup invites you to take hold of history and examine a myriad of artefacts. Together we attempt to figure out what these objects are, where they come from, how they were made and how old they are?

  • Interpretation/ Hypothetical excavation:

You and your group are invited to interpret a basic excavation (based on a real excavation).

hypotheticalBring an excavation into your midst without a single muddy boot print crossing the threshold! Bit by bit you can research and uncover:

  • A Roman Principia

  • A Viking longhouse

  • A Victorian terraced house or

  • A First World War trench site

You reveal your very own excavation. When the sites have been uncovered you are invited to interpret and understand what you have found!

What is Archaeology?

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