Heritage Schools



New ways to engage with local heritage.


Archaeosoup is pleased to be working closely with regional English Heritage education officers for the Heritage Schools project.

The Heritage Schools programme, which is delivered by English Heritage, was set up in response to Darren Henley’s report to government on cultural education in England. This three year programme, which started in September 2012, aims to ensure that children develop an understanding of their local heritage.


English Heritage's, Heritage Schools Project.
English Heritage’s, Heritage Schools Project.

Together we’re working with schools and teachers to encourage new thinking and fresh approaches to local history.

  • Aims and Goals:

The aim of the Heritage Schools programme is to ensure that:

  • Children develop a sense of pride in where they live.
  • Children understand their local heritage and how it relates to the national story.
  • Teachers are more confident in making effective use of local heritage resources in delivering the curriculum.
  • Local historic context is embedded in the school’s curriculum.
  • Heritage providers are more connected to the needs of local schools.
  • Parents are engaged in their children’s learning.
  • Communities are more deeply involved in the life of the school.


  • Teacher Training/ CPD:

CPDA key challenge of the changing National Curriculum for England and Wales lies in embracing periods of history which are unfamiliar or even pre-historical. Archaeosoup has been invited to develop new approaches for various periods of history, sites and artefacts both familiar and unfamiliar. Through fun activities, surprising ideas and a wealth of good information we explore the exciting learning opportunities represented by the History Curriculum.


  • Project Development:

Working with Heritage Schools, Archaeosoup is developing exciting new projects with local schools and museums. By making use of archive material, finds made in and around schools and talking to local people we continue to be astounded by the range of interesting ideas which are coming forward.


  • Thinking Outside the Box:

Together with Heritage Schools, Archaeosoup is challenging teachers to think out side the box, particularly the typical ‘Roman Box’.

outside the box


While we do ‘do’ the Romans, there are a whole host of exciting possibilities & eras out there for heritage learning!


Together we are re-examining favourite periods of history and also looking beyond them to see what else we can learn together about our shared heritage.






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