Archaeosoup Productions can help your Heritage Business, Museum or Commercial Archaeology Unit reach out to the public!


The harsh economic climate has hit the heritage and archaeology sectors harder than most!

Between 2009 and 2011, one third of all (academic and commercial) archaeology jobs were lost. In the commercial sector 80% of jobs were lost or harshly renegotiated!* It has been a difficult time for archaeologists and heritage workers.

In light of these developments, there is a growing consensus that the future of the archaeology and heritage sectors will increasingly come to depend upon public goodwill, voluntary groups, charitable donations and publicly sanctioned funding.

This environment means that Commercial Archaeology Units must look to involve the community in their projects, Museums and Trusts are trying to find ever more innovative ways to engage the public and University Departments are increasingly finding it necessary to share more of their findings in order to make archaeology more relevant and thus more economically viable!

This is where Archaeosoup can help you!


Archaeosoup Productions can bring a wealth of experience to the aid of your project, offering services including:

  • Promotion of projects, events, conferences and finds via Archaeosoup and our friends.
  • Help and consultation on outreach campaigns by your Museum, Unit, Trust or Department.
  • Setting up a comprehensive social media strategy for your Museum, Unit, Trust or Department.

Contact us today to discuss how Archaeosoup can help you reach out to the public.


*Source: The Institute of Field Archaeologists.

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