Saxons and Vikings!


Recent Feedback:
“It was a brilliant day and we all enjoyed it very much! The children are still using Old Norse words for body parts!”

Talks and Activities can be modified to suit your needs,

but include:

  • Ancient Immigrants: 

Why and how did the Saxons and Vikings come to Britain?

Together we examine why the Saxons and Vikings came to Britain. We discuss when, where and how they arrived on these shores. Crucially, we also examine what they did when they arrived… You may be surprised!

  • Exploring Sutton Hoo:

We take a closer look at the famous tomb of King Raedwald in Suffolk.

In 1939 one of Britain’s most remarkable Archaeological finds was uncovered in the Suffolk countryside; today Archaeosoup invites you to learn more about the contents of Sutton Hoo!  What was found? What does this mean? Who was buried in the tomb? Also… Why did the remains spend time in a London Tube Station?

  • Every Day Life in the Saxon and/or Viking Period: 

We examine a day in the life of someone in the C9th. 

Archaeosoup takes you through the daily life of people in Saxon and Viking worlds. We will explore everything from where they lived to what they ate! Though we’re certain you will not want to try their cure for hair nits!

  • Weapons and Warfare:

A workshop examining the weapons, and battle tactics of the Saxons and Vikings.

We examine the background, drama and realities of battle in the Saxon  and Viking worlds.  You are invited to examine every aspect of a warrior’s kit and figure out what you would like to take to battle! Plus a chance to get your hands on everything from swords and shields to axes, spears and helmets!

  • What’s that you’re wearing?

We examine ancient clothing, comparing function and form with modern clothes.

Archaeosoup invites you to compare clothes from the C9th with clothes from the C21st. Together we examine how clothes were made what has changed in their style and why? Though sometimes it is what has not changed which is most surprising!

  • Old English, Old Norse – Modern English: OE Vocab

We compare, contrast and seek connections between Modern English and its forebears.

Did you know ‘Love’ is an Old English word? Or that Thursday is the day of Thor? Together we will examine how the Saxons and Vikings contributed to our remarkable language and the many words which have hardly changed!

We will learn of the tale of Beowulf and explore the Runic alphabet (Futhark). Can you write your name in Runes?



Viking/ Saxon Workshops

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