Library Workshop ‘What is Archaeology?’ An artefact is being passed along the back row.

This is what people are saying about Archaeosoup Productions:



“Marc is a talented presenter and ambassador for archaeologists in the UK. His dedication to the discipline is shown throughout his video production posts, something which is a joy to watch daily.”

Markus Milligan – Director and Co-Owner of Archtools Ltd | Managing Director of Heritage Media | Editor and Owner of Heritage Daily


“Marc produced two excellent sessions for our Geordie at War Project. Both sessions were well prepared and the students learned a lot about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons and their local history. The students were enthusiastic and the majority (92%) said they had enjoyed the sessions.”

David, Development Tutor, LookwideUK.


“I’m studying Archaeology at Cambridge and never have I heard a better explanation of Giddens’ Structure-Agency dichotomy than how you explained it here! 🙂 I think I finally truly understand it, Thanks!”

paitesb12’, YouTuber.



“An extremely interesting talk, very well-paced, and in an appropriate depth for a lay audience. He had taken the trouble to relate it to the local area. Appreciated the information sheets – More please!”

Mr Williams, Wallsend.


“He spent ages with us, answering lots of questions with passion and enthusiasm – getting children to try helmets on, and showing us a real Neolithic Handaxe! It was clear he wasn’t just going through the motions!”

Mrs Thompson, Dorset.


“Excellent video set, helping me sound smart in my intro to archaeology class!”

‘GenericMan’, YouTuber.


“I’m a geology student presenting a seminar on thermoluminescence in my applied glacial geology course… Really appreciate the information! Keep up the great vids. Cheers.”

‘Behemothnile’, YouTuber.

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