World War I


One hundred years later, the First World War can still surprise us!


  • Workshop: Introduction to the Great War:

Together we literally construct a timeline of events during the Great War.

This is a workshop which we have developed in order to offer people (young and old) an engaging introduction to the events of the First World War.

Together, we examine twelve key moments – starting in 1914 and going through to 1918. By literally piecing together a timeline the story of the Great War begins to take shape.

Next we scrutinize a wealth of local documents, photographs and maps to understand of the ‘big’ events in the Great War relate to the experience of people at home.

Exploring the little-known ‘home front’ of the First World War is an excellent way to relate places we know with the huge battles and struggles which define this period across the world!

Introduction to WWI


  • Digging into Local Archives:

Zeppelin Bomb Damage, Whitley Bay. Image Source: TWAM
Zeppelin Bomb Damage, Whitley Bay. Image Source: TWAM

There is a wealth of information to be found in local archives, records offices and the urban archaeology in your region.

Archaeosoup can guide you through researching your local area to find key events and people which shaped life a hundred years ago.

Together we will find out about:

  • Local residents.
  • Military installations and soldiers stationed in the area.
  • The way towns have changed over the years.
  • The evidence all around us connecting us to the past.



  • Workshop: Life on the Home Front:

This workshop is a chance to explore the British Home Front during the First World War. Using documents, artefacts, bespoke web resources and videos, you can learn about the lives of three key characters at home during the Great War.


Home Front Workshop


Together, we investigate a little boy, a young woman and a soldier:

  • Thomas Briggs: A young boy growing up during the Great War, what can we learn about him?

  • Mary Miller: The wife of the son of a German immigrant, labelled as an enemy alien.

  • Herbert Crooks: A young man training for war before he leaves for France, does he survive?


  • Researching War Memorials:

Working in partnership with Newcastle University, Archaeosoup is pleased to bring you hints and tips on researching the names on your local war memorial. Behind every name there is a story!


  • 1915: James Joins Up:

1915: James Joins Up is a short film written by and starring class 5LE of Waterville Primary School, North Shields. The result of local research and working in partnership with English Heritage:


  • Workshop: Trench Archaeology

World War I DigArchaeosoup now has a workshop examining the Archaeology of the First World War. This is a chance for you to understand the stirling work archaeologists are doing in reconstructing the lives of soldiers from battlefields across the world, click here for more details.

We are also working on various exciting projects with local schools. Further details and results of our research will be posted to this page in the near future.


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